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Join us in a colourful universe, where you can unleash your creativity in a fun and easy way. This painting process is both inspiring and playfully easy, since it doesn’t require previous artistic experience or painting abilities.

Fluorescent water marbling is the process of floating fluorescent paint on the surface of thickened water. The paint can then be shaped into various patterns or designs by using different tools, such as sticks and combs. These unique combinations of figures, motives and forms are then transferred on a piece of paper laid on top of the paint.

About the workshop

Play with fluorescent colours on water surface and create your own piece of art. You will be mesmerized and inspired by this fluorescent water marbling painting technique! What’s more, it is easy to grasp and you will have an experienced artist to help and guide you. The painting process is so straightforward that anyone can do it! The art workshop is perfectly suitable for everyone over 6 years of age - no prior painting experience is needed.

The dance of the glowing colours on water is a beautiful reflection of the cosmic universe captured in the world of fluorescent marbling. It's great fun to play effortlessly with your imagination and with the paint spread on the water surface, turning it into a cosmic scenery ready to be captured on a piece of paper.

The psychedelic atmosphere will be accompanied by a drink, a pleasant musical background and an unusual visual environment.

"The painting process is playful and easy, I can stay and paint a whole night!"
Pernile Schmid