Fluorescent water marbling workshop

Price: 390 DKK/50 EUR per person.
What you will get:
  • 2h 30 min of creative expression
  • Up to 5 paintings to take home
  • Unusual visual environment and pleasant musical background
  • A short story of Paper Marbling and Fluorescent Water Marbling.
  • A brief demonstration of fluorescent water marbling and tools, paints and pigments. 
  • There will be an experienced artist to guide you through the process during the workshop
  • We will show you how to apply water marbling on paper
  • You don’t need to have any prior experience. Anyone can do it!
  • Book here: booking.

For companies

Our art workshops are truly remarkable experiences for your organization's team building activities. Your team members will have a great time in a cosy, relaxing and visually unusual environment with some pleasant music as a background. They will awaken their creativity and will be able to take home all the artwork they have created during the workshop.

Workshops can last between one and three hours and can be customized according to your preferences. The sessions can be organized in our studio or at your preferred location.
The maximum number of participants is limited to 10 people. However, if painting is done in pairs, there may be up to 20 participants in a session.

Please, contact us for further details here: contact form.

Private events and parties

The painting workshop is a great activity for your birthday or party.  

Is your birthday coming up soon and you would like to celebrate in a different way?
Do you want a creative activity for your party? 
Please, contact us for further details here: contact form.

1 hour with 1 painting station: 650 DKK/ 90 EUR
1 hour with 2 painting stations: 750 DKK / 100 EUR


Add colour and creativity to your festival event. We have experience with painting workshops at festivals. 
If you think that a painting workshop would be a great addition to your festival, please send us an enquiry for a collaboration here: 
contact form.


Coming soon!
We are working on developing a course in fluorescent water marbling for beginners.